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A global concern –modern AC and wireless frequencies.
First our modern technologies developed AC Electricity and now we also add wireless high frequency microwave radiation into our everyday lives.

Wireless Microwave Mobile Cell Phone Towers, UMTS/WCDMA, WLAN (Wi-Fi) Wireless Internet, Digital TV and Radio, GPS devices, TETRA, Mobiles and DECT Cordless Phones increase daily.

We are also surrounded by low frequency radiation from AC electrical wiring and electric power lines. And ElectroSmog is also transmitted thru photons in our AC light systems.

A wise approach: practice “the precautionary principle”.
The effects of this Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) or Radiation (EMR) to our well-being are a matter of great concern. Many Governments in the world now encourage the “precautionary principle”; reducing our exposure to this Electro Pollution, also known as "ElectroSmog", in our sleeping, living and working environment. This precautionary warning, especially applies to babies, children and young adults. But it is wise for everyone to understand and practice.

About Ion SafeShield - Now in North America
Ion SafeSHIELD specializes in electroconductive coatings and paints, as well as fabrics and films for the protection of humans and technical equipment against electromagnetic radiation know as EMR or electromagnetic frequencies EMF.

This products have been sold in Europe for  ten years and are now available by our US corporation for the United States and Canada. All of our products are tested and certified from Prof. Pauli in the microwave laboratory of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Germany.

ElectroSmog Solution: scientific, easy and affordable. Enjoy a safer sleeping, living, and working environment with ion SafeSHIELD products: paints, window shielding, bed canopies, electrosmog meters and light systems. BUY NOW

ion SafeSHIELD's top-selling product
Our top-selling product for superior shielding electromagnetic waves is our metal-free shielding paint ion Safe54Plus. This paint can be applied like regular wall paint and achieves an attenuation of 40 dB. Certified 99.98% ElectroSmog reduction. This ONE COAT protection paint  is used in both interior and exterior applications. This  water based acrylic “2 in 1 Formula” provides both High and Low frequency EMF/EMR protection.  Breathable, low-emission, free of solvents and fulfills the highest (ecological) building standards. BUY NOW

Better nights rest - “like sleeping in nature”.
Each wireless device in your home or your neighbors radiates
billions of frequencies every second – a stress to the nervous system. For  example, a 5.8 Gigahertz cordless phone radiates 5.8 billion of microwaves per second. One third of our lives are spent sleeping. A stressless night´s sleep allows the pineal gland to activate melatonin production, vital for wellness.  Many customers share that after applying ion SafeSHIELD paint and window shielding
in their bedroom that it feels “like sleeping in nature.”


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